Thailand – My First Solo Overseas Travel

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So after my fairly smooth flights from Singapore then to Bangkok, I arrived to the airport at night to find my baggage had still been left at Singapore, my transfer from the airport to the hotel was nowhere in sight and the following day having my iPhone dropped in the pool and caused me to have a breakdown due to lack of technology. However, guess what? Everything works out fine in the end despite my bouts of concern. I caught a dodgy taxi to the motel by myself, my luggage to much relief made its way directly to my motel room and my phone miraculously recovered to relatively full health. Let’s just say that everything that could go wrong so far, probably hasn’t even occurred, considering how lucky I’ve been. I’m guessing that my lucky 1111 angels are looking out for me.

Ok, so that was the low lights, but you know I’m so incredibly proud of how brave I have been! Just getting here has been a feat on its own. Concurring so many fears to the point my Anxiety is non-existent.




So some highlights of the first day alone include, meandering the chaotic Thailand streets with Amber, eating a delicious cafe breakfast with the most delicious Iced tea. Exploring the Grand Palace and Pho Wat (giant reclining Buddha) in all is sweltering glory. Taking a wild tuk-tuk to a unicorn cafe where we met Erin and dressed up in unicorn onesies and ate burgers and fries and slushies. I made my first solo tuk-tuk ride back to my motel. then afterwards met Amy, Kaylee and Elise for some authentic chicken pad Thai in the bustling street in the origins of the amazing dish itself, washed down with a refreshing Thai beer (Sangi). We ventured to the roof top pool, met Olivia and swam beneath the Bangkok night sky and soaked up the moment that was pure luxurious bliss and contemplating on the day just been and the many adventures to come.

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