Queens Birthday – Long Weekend

So what else is there to do on a public holiday, other than get out and explore in amongst nature. Firstly I spent the day with my good friend Holly, where we drove down the twisted road surrounded with lush ferns and rain forest bush-land. The sun flickered through the canopy, casting dancing shadows as we made our way to the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms.ย Lunch was so nice as we scored a snug seating spot right next to the wood fireplace, as we drank our tea and coffee and chatted about adventures experienced and to come. With energy replenished, we set off on a rainforest bushwalk where we tiptoes over rocks amongst the coursing waters. Afterwards we fare-welled each other until next time. Later that afternoon, I continued my energetic streak with an incline walk with my mum to watch the sun set over the shadowy valleys below.




The following day (Queens Birthday) entailed my brother and I spending one and half hours stuck in traffic before reaching Mt Blackheath, with a few deviations along the way. The afternoon rays were sublime, soaking up the majestic views of the Kanimbla Valley below. Once we had tiered ourselves out and adventured enough to earn an appetite we went home and had a little experiment with Astro photography.

Sometime you don’t need an expensive holiday to shake things up. I’m constantly discovering and exploring new inspiring locations in my own backyard. Here’s to many more long weekend adventures to come!