My 2017 Solo Roadtrip

Watch My Roadtrip Here


Well, 2017 is underway and I kicked off the year with an amazing roadtrip. I packed up my little Toyota Corolla and ventured away from my home town on my own. This was the first time I had traveled a far distance by myself, so I found the experience very liberating and freeing. I began my break at the beautiful Wolgan Valley to farewell a hometown friend. I socialized the night away and then turned in for the night in my swag under the summer night sky. I met family and friends along my way down the South Coast of Australia, where I went snorkeling, paddle-boarding and wharf Jumping in Huskinson and said goodbye to our recently sold, family holiday house at Culburra. This was followed by a weekend visit to Canberra where I went and explored a waterhole and biking around Lake Burley Griffiths on an electric push bike, with awesome company.

Continuing my second week of my road trip was a little rough camping in a leaking tent in a storm, caught in a beach downpour and finding out my roller blades had broken. But those things made my trip memorable also as I learned to make the most out of those average situations.

I loved the feeling of being on the open road, not being obliged to consider anyone else’s need, only myself. Where did I wish to visit next? What cafe, museum, beach or caravan park/motel? I loved just going with the flow, letting my trip unfold however I pleased. No set plans just complete and utter freedom and happiness.

The remained of my time away led me to explore the Central Coastal region of New South Wales. It was my first time visiting Newcastle and I lapped up the lifestyle, food and nightlife of this inspiring city and all the unique music scenes that were on offer. I had a good friend show me around sights for a few days and another who took me to celebrate Australia day in style with go carting, lunch and timezone.

I realized that there is so much more out there than my little home town. My road trip was just the experience I needed to shake me up and give me fresh perspective on opportunities and places that present themselves for me to follow into my future.

Next stop South East Asia!




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